Discover Red Cliff

Red Cliff is a historic mining town of about 150 homes, one saloon, one hotel, a variety of small-business people, and a talented group of artists.  Nestled in a peaceful valley on the back side of Vail Mountain, we are a beautiful 20 minute drive from the bustling ski area along a National Scenic Byway.  We are surrounded by National Forest, providing easy access to dozens of mountain trails and peaks.  Ski Cooper is 13 miles south along the Byway, and Leadville is just 23 miles, offering coffee shops, restaurants, unique shopping,

and top-of-the-world views.

We have newer water and sewer treatment plants and enjoy some of the best drinking water you'll ever taste.  

Satellite & new high-speed internet options keep us connected, but most folks still rely on old fashioned phones plugged into the wall and regular interaction with neighbors on the street.  Satellite TV dishes bring us news and entertainment, and Netflix delivers to our local post office.

Our crime rate is very low, with sightings of Sheriff's cars being a source of curiosity.  Children ride bikes and play freely, with a feeling of old-fashioned security knowing that neighbors have their eyes on them. 

It is a rare gift to live off the beaten path - no highway noise or city lights, 
just peace, quiet, and 
a trillion stars at night. 

An incredibly scenic little mountain town only 16 miles from Vail. 

With rich local history, endless outdoor activities, & eclectic local art.